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We’re launching our Payroll is a Career campaign to raise the profile of our amazing industry and to increase awareness about why people should join the Payroll Industry and the incredible opportunities it can provide.
At the Global Payroll Association, one of our primary focuses is to attract new and upcoming talent into payroll and to help set the standard across the industry. During this campaign, we will do so by delivering free professional resources to all payroll professionals and increasing attention for the Payroll Profession via a media campaign.

Hear from the Payroll Professionals

GPA Professional Resources

We have utilised our online learning platform to deliver a range of free payroll resources to professionals worldwide! As part of our commitment to growing and developing the payroll industry, we want to give every payroll professional the tools they need to be the best.

GPA Masterclass

This indispensable series showcases GPA Masterclasses from industry leaders who share their insights and expertise on a variety of contemporary issues, both professional and interpersonal. Our experts tackle everything from diversity and inclusion to technical payroll and professional development, offering the answers you really want to know.

GPA Wellbeing

We believe that self-care plays an essential role in your career journey: knowing when and how to take some time out is key to maintaining work-life balance. Wellbeing helps to reduce stress, develop increased focus and better decision making. The GPA’s practical audio resources include deep relaxation, a self-care lunch and a toolbelt of 15-minute sessions to help you tackle almost anything life can throw at you.

GPA D&I Tool Kit

We want any organisation preparing to implement a new payroll provider to be able to do so with confidence. Our D&I Tool Kit is a useful and informative resource that walks Payroll Leaders, through the process, helping them understand the questions they need to ask and the key information to have on hand to help with a smooth transition.

GPA Mentorship

We are so excited here at GPA to be launching our mentorship programme. In our goal to lead the industry, there is no better way than to lead with leaders! We have invited some of the very best payroll professionals from around the world to become mentors. Our mentors will be delivering mentorship, free of charge, to payroll professionals worldwide.

Payroll Career Webinars

We really do believe the payroll industry is the best and we want to help all of our partners around the world to recruit the most passionate and high-potential individuals. To do so we are going to host monthly Payroll Career webinars, where individuals considering a career in the industry can hear all about it from real payroll professionals. We also plan to invite University students to join and learn more about what the payroll industry can offer them!

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How You Can Get Involved

There is so much you can each do to take part in #PAYROLLISACAREER and every single contribution counts. A number of industry professionals have already talked about their personal journey into payroll to help launch the campaign and it’s not too late for you to join them!
Simply download the banners below - post them on your social media and tell other professionals why they should join the payroll industry. Don’t forget to #payrollisacareer!

Join the Payroll Industry

Payroll is at the heart of every company. The role of a Payroll Specialist/Leader is to ensure that employees are paid correctly and on time. If you are hardworking and enthusiastic with great communication skills, Payroll could be a perfect fit for you. Payroll offers a rewarding and secure career path with opportunities across a host of industries all around the world.
Whether you are taking your first steps into the workforce or considering a career change, add your CV/Resume today by creating your profile under Jobseekers; allowing potential employers to access your details and letting you explore a host of exciting new roles.

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